New Beginnings: Shekinah Series

Whether we embrace change or fight it, it comes.  It is up to us to determine how we accept this into our life.  When we look for the lesson we find gifts.  They may not be easy, but they enrich our Soul.

Shekinah is the feminine side of God.  She is always there, you just need to reach out and let her touch you. Let her teach you the gifts of change as we go from daughter to woman, to spouse and possibly mother.

Then, letting go.  And again, it is time to find out Who we are now. This series speaks to the joys and the tears  in each new beginning. Tears and raindrops look alike.  Both cleanse the Soul to prepare for new growth. Wisdom comes with the tears and new  beginnings with the raindrops.

Live the journey well and live  richly in your Soul.