“I actually have known Dori since prior to my years as an undergraduate. Her artwork is a true reflection of her soul, which is a beautiful one. She is able to take an simple object and illuminate it in her artwork to a such a high level as to render it unforgettable in one’s mind. A fantastic artist!”

-Marc Silver, Experienced Mortgage or Bank Loan Processor/ Loan Closer/ Loan Post Closer


“Dori’s art work and her writing is full of soul, loving and speaks to anyone who want to listen and learn. I have several pieces of her work in my home and find them inspiring. Everyone who comes into my home comments on their uniqueness and beauty.”

-Lynn Rhodes, Owner, Leading Edge Solutions, Inc.


“Dori’s Artwork is inspiring and original. Her unique use of plaster, to form a wide array of sculptures, communicates emotion with purpose. Curves and smooth surfaces are very present in her work. Her hand hearts are therapeutic. Even her book about ‘Self’ expresses Dori’s tenderness.”

-Mary Van der Linden, Business Development at CNP Technologies


“I love Dori’s creative creations. They are distinctive and yet fun, colorful and imaginative. The one that I have makes me smile every time I look at it. I enjoyed her book as well.”

-Sharon Kaiser, Co-Owner Kaiser Glass Designs, teaching fusing glass techniques


“Dori’s artwork deeply touched me the moment I first saw it. I have numerous pieces of her pottery throughout my home…actually I do not think there is a single room without a piece of her art in it. Her work is so detailed; you always see something new in it everytime you look at it. It is amazingly beautiful…and always makes me smile.”

-Leigh Ann Klee, CFO/COO at Pace Communications, Inc.


“Dori’s art work is one-of-a-kind, beautiful. I consider the pieces I’ve bought as unique treasures which I will cherish my entire life.”

-Cheryl Kiel David, Estate Planning and Elder Law


“Dori’s book, ‘One’s Own Self’ has been sold around the world and been displayed by many businesses across the globe. I am fortunate enough to have a signed copy and treasure her personal experience as translated through her book. One’s Own Self tells a story about overcoming adversity and learning to walk again, figuratively and literally. The story describes the highs and lows of making the decision to continue on one’s path. Dori’s acceptance of facing this challenge everyday continues to inspire and cheer others along their paths.

Besides being an author, she is a fabulous artist- painter, sculptor and more!”

-Colleen Farley, Realtor/ Broker at Wilkinson Triad Realty


“Dori Jalazo is an artist of rare talent. She tells uplifting stories of love and encouragement. Each piece is one of a kind whether it’s a wall hanging, ceramic bowl or lively figure dancing through life. One senses good spirits are at hand and bonded to the owner personally. I can’t speak highly enough about her work. The world needs more artists like her!”

-Destry Sparks, Artist and Curator at Sparks Art Projects


“Dori’s work is some of the most visually stunning and emotionally charged work it has been my pleasure to see and own. Even her most abstract work has a real and human impact on the observer. All of her work has a piece of her unlimited soul.”

-Stephen Gee, Freelance actor/ Director at Self